Our OPTIVE™ Formulas

OPTIVE™ Eye Drops Go Deep

OPTIVE™ brand eye drops have a unique formulation that delivers lubrication to the surface of the eye and also acts to improve overall ocular surface health through a process known as Osmoprotection. As a result, OPTIVE™ brands are often dosed less frequently than other dry eye treatments. In addition, OPTIVE™ eye drops are suitable for a range of dry eye causes and conditions.

Think OPTIVE™ brands might be right for you? If you’re ready to try OPTIVE™ or OPTIVE PLUS™, contact your eye care provider today to learn more about OPTIVE™ for mild dry eye and OPTIVE™ Plus for moderate to severe dry eye.


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Through its unique formulation, OPTIVE™ Eye Drops deliver both lubrication and Osmoprotection to the cornea for long-lasting symptom relief of dry eyes.

This dual-action formula allows OPTIVE™ to not only lubricate the eye surface but also help restore ocular surface health.

The active ingredients in OPTIVE™ are sodium carboxymethylcellulose (also known as carmellose sodium, a lubricant that reduces water loss) and glycerol (a non-blurring, long-lasting protective moisturiser). OPTIVE™ Eye Drops are available in a convenient multi-use bottle and are formulated with PURITE®, a gentle preservative that breaks down in the eye to natural tear components. OPTIVE™ Eye Drops are good for six months after opening.



OPTIVE PLUS™ has a unique triple-action formula that provides long-lasting comfort. OPTIVE PLUS™ lubricates the surface of the eye and moisturises the ocular surface cells by restoring osmotic balance PLUS protecting your natural tears with a lipid enhancement. OPTIVE PLUS™ is preserved with PURITE®, a preservative in the bottle which breaks down into natural tear components on the eye. OPTIVE PLUS™ is suitable for patients with moderate to severe dry eye who need extra protection.

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