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If so, you might suffer from a condition known as Dry Eye. Dry Eye can be caused by many things ranging from air conditioning to staring at your computer screen for too long.
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    Through its unique next generation technology OPTIVE FUSION™ not only lubricates the surface of the eye but also offers sustained protection from dry eye symptoms. The active ingredients combined in OPTIVE FUSION™ are hyaluronic acid (HA, a natural component of tears that brings hydration), carmellose sodium (CMC, a lubricant that reduces water loss) and glycerol (a non-blurring, long-lasting protective moisturiser). As a result, OPTIVE FUSION™ offers instant relief and superior long-lasting comfort for dry eye symptoms and may be dosed less frequently than other treatments.

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Do your eyeballs feel like the desert? OPTIVE FUSION™ delivers instant relief and long lasting comfort, which means you may not need to use as many drops. Your eyes will thank you. Take our quiz to see if you have Dry Eye.

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If your eyeballs feel like they're on fire, get ready to douse the flames with OPTIVE FUSION™. Its unique formulation is designed to moisturise and lubricate. So you'll soothe your eyes, relieving that burning sensation. Take our quiz to see if you have Dry Eye.

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A painful stinging sensation in your eyeballs can be tamed with the help of OPTIVE FUSION™. Since OPTIVE FUSION™ does not usually cause blurring of vision, you have yet another reason to rejoice. Take our quiz to see if you have Dry Eye.

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Your eyes may feel like they're being flooded, but OPTIVE® can help hold back the deluge. OPTIVE PLUS® has a lipid component that stabilises the tear film and lubricates the ocular surface.  Take our quiz to see if you have Dry Eye.

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OPTIVE® eye drops are available in convenient multi-use bottles (10mL) and can be kept for 6 months after opening as formulated with PURITE®, a gentle preservative that breaks down in the eye into natural tear components.
Optive and Optive Fusion™ are suitable for use with contact lenses.

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